Saeed Esmaeeli

I was born in 1980.  I got acquainted with computers in middle school and saw the first training in DOS operating system.  During high school, I became acquainted (familiar/ I got acquainted) with hardware and received additional training.  From that year on, I (have)started not only buying and repairing hardware, but also selling and assembling(them).  After finishing high school, I went to military service. After military service(later), I continued to work on hardware and became acquainted with passive, in addition to selling the system, I began to learn and execute passive.  While doing Passive, I became(got) acquainted with Active Network and started active network admin courses such as Windows Server, Red Hat, CCNA, CCNP.  Because I did not have any academic education, I took the entrance exam and studied electronics at a non-profit university called Hadaf in Sari.  After graduating, I entered Tehran Municipality and worked as an IT expert. While working, I started studying for a bachelor’s degree in control,(I continued my academic education) and after graduating with a master’s degree in power engineering, I studied at Roodehen Branch of Azad University.  I have been working in Tehran Municipality for 10 years as an IT expert (and help desk expert).  Along with this job, I personally do network setup, IP phone and computer and laptop repairs.